“Sumit, Kahaan ja raha hai?”

[Sumit, where are you going?]

“Upstairs, mom. I need to write this paper.”

“Aapane start nahin kiya hai?”

[You still haven’t started?]



As Indians growing up in America, my brother and I are fluent in Hinglish. The amalgamation of Hindi and English phrases…

My WP2 was focused on interviewing other Indian American’s to learn more about our collective experience, share stories, and ultimately advance all of our understanding of what being Indian American means. In this process, I interviewed two close friends of mine, Shantanu and Pavan. …

This post is inspired by Jerry’s post about his summer plan. I wanted to take a moment to really reflect on what my goal’s are for this summer, as a writer, a student, and a human being. My favorite part of this course is the encouragement to dig deep and…

note: I misread the deadline and thought these three posts were due Monday night. oops.

I was nine years old when my father told me we were moving to Shanghai. Internally, I blew the event out of proportion — it was as if China was on another planet. There was…

Sumit Chandra

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